Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yesterday afternoon and even early this morning, 
I was tempted to give into feeling 
defeated & overwhelmed 
by life’s circumstances.
But each time I have been on the verge of uttering 
(to the Lord),
“I can’t do this anymore. I cannot go on one more day”,
 Holy Spirit whispers, 
“Not by power. Not by might. 
It is by My Spirit that you can endure.
 It is not you who must go on,
 but I, the One who is carrying you that will go on.
 It is less about (your) running the race 
and more about (you) allowing me 
to carry you to the finish line. 
It was never you to begin with.
 It has always been Me.”
What a Loving, gracious God!

There’s an old hymn which says, 
“Thy loving-kindness is better than life.”
But what I have come to realize is that 
His loving-kindness IS life.
Without it, we would never survive this world.

It is His Grace which allows us
to function on any level to begin with.
It is not our might or our power, 
but HIS Spirit who enables us 
to endure, live, succeed, prosper…breathe.

This takes the pressure off of us
and allows us to lean into Him.
What a Loving, gracious God!

Another thing He has been teaching me 
(for the past several years now) 
is that He relates to each of us on a personal level.
As a loving Father, 
He knows what each one of us needs 
based upon our 
lives, circumstances, upbringing, personalities, etc.

It is not our right to judge 
or discount another’s experience with God 
just because it does not measure up to 
our own experience with 
or perception of God.

God is bigger than that.

He is all-powerful, all-knowing,
 holds the world in the palm of His hand 
and He is never wrong.

Who are we to say 
that He must operate 
within the bounds of our own narrow-mindedness?

Besides, we’ve been given the mind of Christ, 
so why not use it?

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for reminding me.
Thank you for your faithful, loving-kindness!
What a Loving, gracious God!

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