Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Desires - of Men & God

Fickle man desired more knowledge, 
thus the partaking of the forbidden fruit.

Fickle man sought a king, 
someone to make rules and decisions for them, 
thus, a king was appointed.
As power was given to a man in order to rule over the people, 
war broke out within the ranks; 
the children of God.

Fickle man desired freedom,
 yet could not maintain faith in God without rules, 
thus, the Law was given.

Unhappy with God’s rules; 
unable to fulfill the Law, 
fickle man desired more.

Singular men, throughout the ages, desired more knowledge, 
of God,
thus they were called out by Him and given
 instruction, tasks to complete
and promises to look forward to.

The Creator has a desire as well;
for each of His children to realize the fullness of His Love.
The fulfillment of that desire is Jesus.

Jesus, King of kings, came to earth;
to give full knowledge & understanding (revelation) of God
and granted us full, free relationship with Him.
He redefined &  simplified the Law with one word

The natural outcome of a realization of this Love is
 a life fully yielded to Him.
Fruit does not bear itself. 
The plant in which it is rooted does the bearing.
We cannot bear fruit in and of ourselves.
Fruit comes naturally to and from 
the life of one who has yielded completely to its source
 – God.

A life completely yielded to God 
will naturally fulfill the Law 
– Love.

If this is not the natural outpouring (fruit) of your life, 
then go back to the roots.

Sit. Steep. Marinate.
Receive a new filling of God’s Love.

Then, get back out there and pour!
Pour out the Love which you have been so freely given.
When you feel empty, revisit the Source.

It is a simple cycle;
One which glorifies the Living God who created you;
One which encourages and edifies the one whom it was created for.

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