Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There is a common term used in Christendom to 
describe those who place their faith in Christ;
~ Believer.

Those who say they are Believers say that 
they believe that Jesus Christ is who He says He is;
sovereign, holy, kind, humble, meek, hopeful, 
selfless, patient, long-suffering, honest, all-powerful, 
wonderful, counselor, healer,
Savior of the world;
~mighty God

People flocked to Jesus because He was
 kind, gentle and filled them with Hope.
He changed the atmosphere by simply walking the earth.

Therefore, if one is a Believer,
There is absolutely no reason (or right) to be
negative, caustic, mean, rude, proud, 
selfish, impatient, intolerant, dishonest, pessimistic, 
judgmental, angry, fearful, skeptical, worried,controlling, 

Instead, Believers are to be full of Hope, Joy & Love.
Believers have been commissioned to tell of 
the Good News, 
which is, Jesus IS Lord; 
Savior of the world; 
the very embodiment of Joy & Love.
Believers are to be Light & Salt;
piss & vinegar!

To all the Believers out there 
–may Joy, Love & Hope
 motivate & drive you as you 
radiate His goodness!


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