Friday, February 24, 2012

The Jesus Approach

A couple/three years ago the Lord set me on an Intensive:
Training for Life & Relationships course.
It's what I like to call "The Jesus Approach".

It's no coincidence that about a year or so ago 
I "stumbled" upon the ministry of John Crowder 
(the man in the video I am sharing today).

It's no coincidence either that, often, 
 shortly after Holy Spirit reveals, teaches or enlightens me 
on something that a 
John Crowder video will "pop up" on the very thing 
Holy Spirit and I have been working on!

Just this past weekend my husband and I consciously 
made the effort to put into practice, 
in a public arena, 
the very thing that John talks about in this video.

How so like God to lovingly confirm to us 
that we are, 
moving along on the path which He has placed us!

I must confess, though,
 my husband succeeded much more gracefully
 than I did with this opportunity!

Anyway, enjoy the video!


  1. His book Modern Day Mystics is a must have for recent church history. Isn't that funny how a certain teacher will have just what you need to hear at just the right time. Thank God for Holy Spirit who organically connects us all as one.

    1. I just love how Holy Spirit works! :)
      Indeed, we are one Body! <3


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