Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Broken Curse"

I've watched you look at me.
When I see that glazed look in your eye,
I realize that what you see is yourself reflected in me.

Disdain and disappointment etched into your face
as you realize that I have not run the race;
the race that you should have run 
but instead put me in your place.

Love, nurturing, guidance and discipline;
all the things I should have been given,
instead replaced with guilt, shame, condemnation and ridicule.
How could I have disappointed you?

One generation after another abused and discarded.
Will anyone ever love this one who is broken-hearted?

Never intended to live up to your expectations.
Given a purpose and a destiny;
designed to make history.

A history for my own son
where all generational curse is gone.

And maybe one day 
when I see you looking at me,
instead of disappointment and disdain,
I will catch a glimpse of approval
from the one whose love has now become unconditional.

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