Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love Share Project

One of the major Lesson themes in the desert has been and continues to be, Love.
Unconditional, unwavering, never-ending, agape; Love.

In as such, on this blog, you will find links to other bloggers whom I love to follow.
And links to others who have goods and/or services which I love.

So, in keeping with the theme of Love,
the Lord has instructed me to create a Facebook page for Lessons from the Desert
and on it, to share/spread the Love by posting kind words about those He has linked me with.

The bloggers will be labelled: Love Share Blogs
The Goods/Services will be labelled: Love Share Goods & Services

If you would like to see any of these,
simply visit any of the sites I have listed on the right and left side margins of this blog.
connect with Lessons from the Desert on Facebook by "liking" the page.
connect with me personally on Facebook
Lysa Humildad

There are Facebook links in the left margin of this blog which should take you directly to me!

Love and blessings to you all!!!

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