Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simply Giving

For the last couple of years, the Lord has been doing a cleansing work in me. It is His desire that I be a giving person. This, actually, comes pretty natural for me. He created in me, from birth, a giving nature. I love to bless other people.
However, through the process of life, I had become a bit cynical and tight-fisted; prone to hold onto "things" which have sentimental value or that I just happen to like!
Over the course of my latest grand adventure, the Lord has had me letting go of things. In this journey, He has led me to some wonderful people who have wonderful blogs, etsy accounts, boutiques, etc. These wonderful people have awesome giveaways which both bless others and promote their sites.
I felt the Lord strongly urge me to consider this in my own life, on my own blog.
I'm not crafty, nor am I trying to sell anything. I just simply want to bless others with things that I have held dear to my heart over the years, yet am willing to part with.
Everything I am giving is meant to encourage and uplift! Don't worry, you won't receive any "trash" from me! I know where to put that stuff!
So, here I am and here IT is! My first giveaway!
Miscellaneous items from the heart!
Here is how to enter:
Comment on my blog = 1 entry
Share my blog on your blog = 2 entries
Share a link to my blog on your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account = 2 entries
(That is 2 entries per social network!)
That's a total of 9 potential entries! WOW!!! (Please make sure to send me a message or comment telling me if you link me!)
Have fun and I hope you win!
***Entries for this giveaway must be received by August 29, 2010. Items will be mailed or hand delivered to locals on Monday, August 30, 2010!


  1. congratulations to Tracy! thanks for commenting on Facebook! It made you the winner!

  2. Oh' my gosh! I just saw this. I can't believe it! I just popped over to see what this post was. I wasn't expecting a giveaway win!!!!

    You and I sound like sisters separated at birth. I find giving to be such a blessing too. You can't help but feel good when you do. Thank you for blessing me today.

    Hugs....Tracy :)

    P.S. Just in case you tried to email me via igoogle, I really never use that email. I always check my hotmail account though and it's

    Thanks for making my night! Oh' I just thought what if I just made a fool out of myself maybe it's another Tracy. OOPS...ha-ha.


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