Monday, August 9, 2010

All Out

The last half dozen years or so have been a journey of "all outs".

As I have desired to live "all out" for the Lord, He has been faithful to reveal to me what He desires to get "all out" of my life, attitude, thought processes and character.
In order to live "all out" for the Lord, one must be "called out". We are called out from the world and into His marvelous light.

The process of being "weeded out" by the Lord is not at all fun, but absolutely necessary.
It had to be revealed to me that in my desire to be transformed, somehow I had fallen into the trap of being conformed. Strangely, as I had been, what I thought was transformed into the image of Christ by leaving the conformity of the world, what had really happened was that I had been conformed into what was deemed acceptable by (for lack of a better term) "the church". I had left one conformity for another!

Jesus began to (continually) remind me that while He walked the earth visible to the eye of man, He would say to them, "I am about my Father's business. I do what I see my Father do. I say what I hear my Father say." Then He promised that He would send One who would enable us to do the very same thing! The Holy Spirit is the One who desires to be at the helm of our lives, leading and guiding us. He has moved me into a place where I live and breathe Him. I desire to do only what I see Him do. I have purposed to say only what I hear Him say.
Am I always successful? No. Do I fall short? Sometimes. Do I let that stop me? Absolutely not.

Walking in the leading of the Holy Spirit has set me on a course of true freedom. True freedom is living as He has called me to live.  To be free means that I am not afraid of man, but that I fear God. A reverent holy fear which compels me forward. If I were to fear something else, it would be to fear falling short of my God-ordained destiny. I desire to be all that He has called me to be.

This morning the Lord revealed to me that I still care too much.
I care too much what others think and this is what is holding me back from moving on to the next "thing", "phase", "path", "step" (you choose the term you like best). Having identified my "problem" I am confident that with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will yet overcome this area which needs to be "moved out" of my life. I know I am closer to being rid of it than I was a year ago, yet, I had hoped by now I would be completely free from it.

This journey I am on has been a long, often arduous one. But I know that if I stay the course, he who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it until the day of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The same is true for every believer. To say one has gone as far as he/she can in the Christian faith is mistaken. This walk; this life of being a Christ-follower is a journey in which one reaches his/her destination when he/she is in the (physical) presence of Chrsit.
 Don't stop. Keep moving. Stagnant water breeds disease.
If you need a pick-me-up, encouragement, help, -call out to the Holy Spirit. Call out to another brother or sister in the Lord; one whom you trust. One who will encourage, uplift, strengthen and edify. One who will carry you if necessary. One who will sit down beside you if you can't presently move.
And if you currently have no one like that in your life, send me a message and I would be blessed to come along side of you and be that one to help!

Christ's love and blessings to you!

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