Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Sentiments Exactly!

About three years ago, the Lord turned my feet to a new direction. Though the path is the same, the work He is doing in me is new.

Consequently, this new direction the Lord has me on has left some people in my life feeling angry, irritated, confused, sad and/or judgemental. Though this has been difficult for me at times, I have realized that it is for the Lord to help them along in their journey and for me to remain faithful and obedient to Him in mine.

I (literally) have just finished reading an excellent book in which the author, through her main character, captures my thoughts perfectly, almost as if she had read my mind. Rather than reinvent the wheel so-to-speak and try to re-articulate her thoughts into my own words, I have chosen to quote directly from her book.

My thanks to God and to Anne Perry via Anna Zarides in The Sheen on the Silk:

"God doesn't leave people. We leave Him. You created a God in your own image, one of laws and rituals, of office and observances, because that requires only outward acts. It's simple to understand. You don't have to feel, or give of your heart. You missed the grace and the passion, the courage beyond anything we can imagine, the hope even in absolute darkness, the gentleness, the laughter, and the love that has no shadow. The journey is longer and steeper than any of us can understand. But then heaven is higher, so it has to be steep and far.
A church can help. People can always help. We need people. There's nothing if we don't care. But the real climb is made not because this person or that person told you what to do, or lifted you on the way, it is made because you hunger for it so much, no one can stop you. You have to want it so that you will pay what it costs.
(You) have helped, but Christ redeemed them...
We all make mistakes... But we are here to help, not to judge. Only God can teach you how to do that, not even the best of men, not when the pain is beyond bearing. Be gentle. Reach out. What gain is in it for you doesn't matter."

So, dear friend, I will leave it at that-for now.

Love and blessings!

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