Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Isn't That Somethin'?

I have known the Lord all of my life.
My earliest memories are from when I was about three years old
and all of the good memories are of the Lord.
For over forty years He has walked with me and talked with me.
He has taught me about Himself
and continually shows me myself.
Through my real and personal relationship
with Him,
He has taught me more than
all of the preachers, teachers, evangelists and theologians
ever could.
Why is this?
Because He deals with and interacts with me on a personal level.
He relates to me based upon my life experiences
and upon who I am.
He never changes,
but I do.
And as I change,
He reveals new aspects and facets of Himself.
No two relationships with Him look the same
because He has created us differently - individually.
We all learn, perceive and process differently
and because He knows us better than we know ourselves,
He interacts with us accordingly.
There are no molds to fill
or methods to follow.
Jesus is the clearest example of what relationship
with Him is.
Jesus said that the things He said and did
were the very same things He heard the Father
say and saw the Father do.
And He said that we could
(and should)
do likewise.
And everything that Jesus said and did
was Kind, Loving and Good
because God is
Kind, Loving and Good!
Isn't that somethin'?

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