Friday, November 29, 2013

Holidays & Traditions

It's safe to say that the
Holiday Season
is officially upon us.
Some enter into it after
Labor Day,
Halloween or Thanksgiving,
and some on
Black Friday.
And in some cultures,
NONE of these even exist.
Some cultures focus on
and celebrate holidays like
Some celebrate their holiday
as a mandate from God
and call all others evil.
But holidays are really about
human traditions.
Each holiday marks something
relevant and significant
to its culture.
we can either spend our days
being offended by those who
believe and celebrate
differently than we do,
we can spend our days
being kind, encouraging and uplifting
to our fellow man.
like it or not,
the fact of the matter is,
we are ALL children of God.
He loves every single one of us
regardless of which holiday
we choose to celebrate.
And folks,
December 25
is not Jesus' birthday.
But if you choose to celebrate it as such,
that's okay.
And if not,
that's okay too!

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