Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Salvation Parable

Salvation is like a guilty criminal who has received an acquittal by the judge, 
yet chooses to remain in prison and carry on with his original sentence.

Every person is guilty and sentenced to death
because we are born into a world which Adam & Eve gave Satan control of.

But Jesus (who is God) 
came to the earth, died for every sin of every human being, 
rose from the dead & ascended (back) into heaven,
 thus completing the sentence for every one of our condemned lives; 
granting each of us an acquittal,
destroying our records
and giving us complete freedom.

Yet, those who choose to reject
 who He is and deny what He has (already) done, 
choose to remain imprisoned, 
thus carrying on with their original sentence.

It really is a choice.

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