Thursday, March 8, 2012

God Thoughts No. Fifty Three

For the past couple of mornings, 
certain snippets of Scripture have been running through my mind; 
part of Matthew 6 where Jesus says that we ought to pray,
 “Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is (already) done in heaven”. 
And the many, various places where Jesus walks into a situation and says, 
“the kingdom of heaven is at hand”.

In thinking about my own life and rolling these words of Jesus around in my mind,
 Holy Spirit reminded me that because of Jesus,
 indeed, heaven has come to the earth. 
And it is He (Holy Spirit) who keeps it here.
Before Jesus ascended back into heaven, 
He told us that He was leaving the power of the kingdom of heaven here for us 
and that we would do all of the things He did
 – and MORE!

Because Jesus came to earth 
and by the power of Holy Spirit, 
we create heaven on earth!

I wonder, 
when people interact with us 
(those who profess to be Believers & disciples of Jesus-the Christ), 
do they feel that they have encountered a little bit of heaven on earth?
If not, 
perhaps it is time to re-evaluate who our lives truly emulate…

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