Friday, December 30, 2011

God Thoughts No. Forty Two

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers are posting summaries, highlights & "best of's" for 2011.
I began thinking about what I should post for the end of 2011
and all that seems right is to sum up my life
and to declare, once again,  who God is...

No matter what happens on this earth,
God is good.
No matter what trials, tribulations, tragedies or challenges befall us,
Jesus has overcome them all.

Because of these two facts,
there is Hope
we have Victory.

Over the past year,
Holy Spirit has put a new song in my heart
and it is
Praise to the King!

With this perspective,
I can look back on 2011 and smile a bittersweet smile
while looking forward to 2012
with great excitement & anticipation.

Holy Spirit says,
"Expect great things!"




  1. Here's to a great year of the ongoing discovery of who you are in Him. xo

  2. I was enjoying The Essential Beachcomber and found you. I am a new blogger. Just learning how to play with the settings..etc. Your my first Blogger that I have left a comment on. I loved your art work as well as your End of the Year perspective. I feel the same way. I believe 2012 will be a year of great Surprises from the Father. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. :)


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