Thursday, December 1, 2011

God Thoughts No. Forty One

In His goodness and love,
God never ceases to amaze me.
As I persist with determination to know Him more,
He is faithful to reveal Himself anew to me every day.
He is so multi-faceted that we will never know the fullness of Him
until we are with Him in heaven.
each moment with Him is a wonderful revelation of His goodness.

The past couple of weeks have been "interesting" for me.
Though I lay down each night feeling exhausted and ready for sleep,
as soon as I try to snuggle in,
my mind kicks into gear.
I toss and turn and I am wide awake.

As I toss, I pray.
With every turn, I converse with God.
Holy Spirit brings to mind
thoughts, dreams, hopes & people.
He gives me ideas, places desires in my heart & speaks to me of others' needs.

With each idea, hope & revelation,
I am infused with an overwhelming sense of expectancy.
As I pray for Him to manifest the promises which He has made to me,
I vow to go about fulfilling the desires He has placed upon my heart;
to bless those that He desires to bless.

Then it occurs to me;
He doesn't really need me to carry out His blessings
(though He delights in sharing with me the desires of His heart).

In the past week,
He has allowed me to bear witness to His goodness
 by answering my prayers for some of those He has laid upon my heart. 
Though He didn't used me to manifest those blessings in their lives,
He gave me a sneak peak into what He was already doing for them!
How exciting!
How amazing!
How humbling that He would share with me what He was planning to do
in the lives of those whom I love.

He truly is an amazing, loving Father!

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  1. Just like Moses - you are destined to have the goodness of God pass before you! xo


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