Friday, July 8, 2011

God Thoughts No. Twenty-Six

This video articulates the work that the Lord has been doing in me the past several years...

Four years ago, God pulled me out of "organized religion"
so we could embarked upon a journey where all I was left with was Him and myself.
It is a journey which has changed my life - for good.

No longer a slave to religion, pride, piety and self-righteousness;
But free to live and love for Christ and as Christ.

By the revelation and empowering of Holy Spirit,
I have a clear picture of who I am (in Him) and what my role is (within the Body).

I no longer see people with my own eyes, but through the eyes of the One who has saved us all.
My own "filters" no longer take precedence in my mind, but it is the mind of Christ which compels me.
The Power of Holy Spirit allows and enables me to see beyond the facades of man
and to look into hearts and souls.

True intercessors have the ability to pray in the power of Holy Spirit
without speaking and praying one's own agenda.
It is the lifting up of the Father's heart;
The agenda of heaven revealed to the one praying
so as to be submitted back to the One who desires to see it fulfilled.

Unity of Faith.
Faith in Jesus Christ, Messiah as
Lord and Savior.
This is what this is.

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