Sunday, July 10, 2011

What God Does

I first learned about the life and ministry of George Muller about a dozen years ago.
Deeply impacted by his example of faith and the number of miracles God performed in his life, I remember murmering to the Lord that I wanted to have that kind of faith.

Little did I know that,
 at that moment,
God set me on a path which would teach me to do just that;
live a life of faith ~
Extreme Faith!

George Muller had an encounter with the One, true and Living God and it changed his life forever.
He believed every written word of God as well as the words spoken to him by the Spirit of God.
And he lived a life which was rooted in those words.

He had been given a vision by God to help the orphaned children of the world.
Without much money or a steady income, he (first) opened an orphange in England.
Every day, he and his wife depended upon God to provide for their needs.

One particular instance tells of how, without any food in the house, they gathered the children around the empty table and proceeded to thank God for the meal that they were about to eat.
As they said their "Amens", the doorbell rang and there stood a delivery man whose wagon had broken down. Since he was unable to deliver the food on his wagon, he simply gave it to Muller and the orphange.

What an amazing and extravagant Father we have!

There are several books about the life and ministry of this amazing man.
Each filled with experiences and miracles manifested by an extravagant God.

And today, still, there are people all around us who have beautiful testimomies of the goodness of God.

In fact, my family and I have wonderful stories of God's amazing ways.
We are learning to live a life of Extreme Faith.
Each week provides us with the opportunity to both live it and share it.

God is our supply and he meets all of our needs.
Because we have placed our lives into His hands, making Him the very air we breathe, we have nothing to fear and have the blessed assurance that He will, indeed, come through for us - every - time!


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  1. HELLO!!!
    Iam finally able to catch up with blogging and see all that I have missed out on while madly preparing for graduation open house and vacation. What a wonderful story from George and his oprhanage! God is still full of modern day miracles! How blessed we are if we only realize it!

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer, I feel like I missed the first bus to summer but am trying to catch up now! Enjoy!


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