Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Review

A week or two ago I shared about an exciting opportunity through BookSneeze where I receive Free books by agreeing to write a review when I'm finished reading...
Well, this is my first review.

I chose Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me by Ian Cron.
The reason I chose this book, quite frankly, is because it had the fewest reviews at the time.
(My "bleeding heart" will always go toward the ones who appear as the underdog)!

Anyhow, the book was waiting in my mailbox for me when I arrived home Saturday night after a day out with the family.
I was so excited to have a new read that I started it that very night.
Let me just say, the first 60 pages flew by in no time!
I was hooked with the first sentence!
And this book is certainly NO underdog!

I love stories about real people and real life.
This is one of those stories.
It is a book about life, relationship, healing and salvation.
It isn't stuffy, arrogant, religious or phony.
It is written by a real man who has been through some real "stuff".

Several times through out the book, I found myself laughing out loud.
Each time my hubby would look over at me and say, "What?", so I finally began reading, out loud, to him the passages which made me laugh.
Guess what? They made him laugh too and he didn't even have the background information to go with it!
Yes, it's that good.

Ian is, I believe, a "Master Storyteller".
And if you enjoy real stories about real people, I suggest that you add this book to your own list of reads.

Oh yeah, if you have a blog and like to read,
hook up with BookSneeze and you could read it for Free.

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