Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Small Epiphanies

The Lord has given me one of those minds which never seems to rest! In as such, I am constantly thinking and speaking to Him.

This morning has been one little epiphany after another, as is "normal" for me; the difference is that He has nudged me to share them.

Earlier, He brought Abraham to mind. He reminded me of how Abraham, not once, but twice, lied out of fear to keep his family and himself safe. Yet, despite his short-comings, God provided for him all that he needed and MORE!

This is a neat word for us. It gives us hope in the midst of a mixed up world!

It also spurred this little note:

Dear God,
I realized something this morning. As parents we give gifts to our children. Not because of what they do but because we love them.
Would you do the same for us in regard to our health and finances? And, God, could it be today?

Thank You in advance,

The second little epiphany which I will call ,"Egged On!", went something like this:

Every time I vacuum, Gideon, our bird, decides to take a bath. We have no idea why it invokes the urge for him to bathe, but it happens every time!

As I was vacuuming this morning and looked over at the wet bird, the Lord reminded me that we are to love and encourage one another. As the vacuum "egged Gideon on" for his bath, so are we to "egg each other on"; to encourage, uplift, and infuse with hope.

The Lord told me that I am to obey His Spirit when He is prompting me to encourage you. It might seem silly to me or not seem to make any sense, but God knows what you need to be encouraged.

I am the clay, yielded to the Potter's hands. I am His vessel to be used as He sees fit.
As such, I pray that this little note strengthens, encourages and "eggs you on"! Both to will and do of His good works and to become all He has intended for you to be!

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