Monday, February 10, 2014

Jesus & Love (on another napkin!)

Jesus didn’t come to save us “to God”,
rather He came to save us from ourselves;
 from the idea that in order for God to love us,
we have to perform a certain way
or have to “become” something first.
Jesus says,
 “Look, I have relationship with the Father.
 I am showing you how to –
and how easy it is to -
 have real relationship with the Father.
There is no need for sacrifices.
 In fact, I’ve become the ultimate sacrifice
 so you can stop feeling like you have to
 keep “doing” something in order to
 earn My love, favor, blessings, etc.
Stop striving and start “being”.
Be REAL with God.
He already knows you better than you know yourself
I am with you.
I am for you.
 So, stop beating yourself up
and stop judging and condemning others.
 Instead, “put on love”.
Love God.
Love others.
 It’s as SIMPLE as that!
It is a choice.”
Be loved,
 and then,
 (Keep It Simple Sweetheart!)

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