Saturday, February 8, 2014

Father God

God is not angry, arrogant, unapproachable
 or in a bad mood.
Yet, so many people view and portray Him as such.
They take their own shortcomings
 and project them onto God.
Jesus said to let the little children come to Him.
 He also said that in order to know Him,
we must become as little children.
Children whine, cry, throw tantrums
and ask questions.
Children also trust.
So, to the one who says we have no right to question God,
 I say, why not?
In their attempt to understand things,
 my children often ask questions.
And to the one who says we aren’t allowed to get frustrated
or angry (because it “displeases” God),
 I say, why aren’t we?
In their growth and learning,
my children sometimes become frustrated or angry.
Yet through all the phases and stages of growing,
 my children still trust me.
As little children, they trusted me implicitly.
As they have gotten older,
 they have questioned some of my methods and reasoning,
 but they still trust me.
Because I love them.
 I love them completely and unconditionally.
I would never hurt them and
 I always have their best interest in mind.
In their learning and growing
 I have allowed them to be themselves while
 encouraging them to learn who they really are.
And in the process,
 my love for them has never changed
 (or diminished).
Children will do what children will do.
And since God said for us to approach Him
as little children approach their parents,
 it stands to reason that questioning Him
 isn’t sinful, rebellious or prideful
like some people like to think.
God isn’t angry, arrogant, unapproachable
 or in a bad mood.
Amazing, Loving, Father;
that’s who God is!

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