Monday, April 8, 2013

Grace is Grace

Lately I have noticed a lot of mud slinging 
going on within “Christian” circles 
here in the U.S.

One group preaches “The Gospel of Grace” 
or Extreme or Radical Grace, 
while another screams that 
what they are teaching is of the devil.

The act of grace is defined as
 giving or extending something good to someone 
who is undeserving of anything good. 

It cannot be qualified, quantified or
 given out in degrees or measures.

Attempting to do so is mans way 
of justifying standing in judgment of another person.

Grace either is or it is not.

Jesus has extended Grace
 to every one of us by 
already forgiving us of every sin.

To accuse and slander others 
because their relationship with 
and understanding of God
 is different than yours or 
does not fit within your agenda
is error.

It was the religious leaders; 
the ones who claimed to know God the best; 
who accused Jesus;
 the One who truly knows God 
and is God;
 of being from the devil and
 demanded that He be crucified.

What irony.

Grace is Grace.

Either we give it or we don’t.

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