Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Love Lesson

I am beyond tired of 
rude, thoughtless, self-centered people!
 I said it.

When someone else’s ill behavior is 
directed toward me,
 I could honestly care less.
I have learned to 
choose not to allow it to affect me.
After all, 
people misjudge and misperceive 
me all of the time.

But when ill behavior is 
directed at my children (or husband), 
that’s a different story.
 the hairs bristle,
 muscles tense, 
veins on the neck bulge, 
claws come out…
Well, you get the picture.

I love my family
 implicitly and unconditionally.
I choose to overlook and/or deal with 
their short comings 
and to see
 their value and their worth. 
I know how 
wonderful and precious 
they are 
and I treasure each one of them.
And as their mom (and wife) 
I guess I figure
 everyone else should too.

This morning, 
as I was thinking about this, 
I wondered if,
when God’s children behave
 as rude, thoughtless, self-centered imps,
 He gets tired of it too.

Jesus has told us 
that the most important thing
 we have to do in life is to 

Love –  Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.
Love – one another as we love ourselves.
Love – one another, just as our Father in heaven loves us.

He has told us that Love 
does not
 behave rudely 
and is not
 thoughtless or self-centered.
 And, that in Loving others,
 even better than we love ourselves, 
we have fulfilled His wishes.

And though I may be justified in 
my frustration with people’s ill behavior, 
I still live by the standard of Love.

And because of  Love;
 the Father’s unending, 
which I have been saturated in;
 I  choose, 
once again,
 to let my frustration go,
 to not behave rudely back, 
and to walk and live out the 
which has been so graciously
 bestowed upon me…
...and you.


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