Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feeling the Loss

“God blesses you who are poor,
for the Kingdom of God is yours.
God blesses you who are hungry now,
for you will be satisfied.
God blesses you who weep now,
for in due time you will laugh."
Luke 6:20a-21

I know that these words are true.
I hold onto them as if my life depended on them.
In fact, my life does depend on them.

Standing in the midst of extreme adverse circumstances.
Standing with the One who knows the beginning from the end.
Yet, missing the only other one who understood without judgement.

My mom was the other person on this earth who knew the details of our circumstances.
She was the one who could relate because she had been through it.
She was the one who could offer godly wisdom
and do so without judgement.
She knew my heart. She knew my faith.
She knew me.

Today, as I stand in the midst of this mess called life;
standing with the One who knows the beginning from the end,
I ask, "How am I to do this without anyone here who understands?"
I know that the One who stands with me also understands,
yet, I really miss my mom.

I believe the words spoken by Jesus.
I know that He knows the beginning from the end.
I stand with Him, living one moment at a time.
It really is all that I can do.

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