Sunday, September 18, 2011


Life is full of choices.
Perception and attitude are among those choices.
Whether one sees the glass as half full or half empty,
the facts remains that there is, indeed, water in it.
Whether one focuses on the positive or on the negative
is up to each individual.

Today, I am purposing to remain in an attitude of thankfulness.

One week ago today, my son broke his arm.
It was no minor break either.
In fact, the ER doctor said that the only time they see a break that bad
is if someone has been hit with a baseball bat or something similar.

I am thankful that that was not the case with my son.
It turns out that he had some sort of cyst on his bone which caused it to weaken.
So something as simple as slipping and falling on it, snapped that Humerus right in half,
but not without some splintering as well.
However, I am thankful that the cyst was discovered by this break
because it has saved him from some potential difficulties in the future.

Despite the severity of the break,
I am thankful that he didn't have to have surgery.
I am thankful that we live in country where medical care is not withheld,
even if you don't have medical insurance.
I am thankful for the friends who met me at the pharmacy and paid for my son's meds
and took me to the gas station and filled my gas tank for the trips back and forth to the doctors' offices
(120 miles round trip, three days in a row).
I am thankful that I was able to borrow the $300 deposit
 that the Orthopedic Doctor requires from cash patients.
I am thankful that Orthodist gave us a 50% discount on the special brace
for my son's arm since we are a cash customer.
I am thankful that I received a $200 check the day after I
wrote the check to the Orthodist so that my bank account was not overdrawn.

I am thankful that my eyes have been opened to the importance and impact
that our perceptions and attitudes have on our mental well-being.
For when we focus on the negative, our spirits are crushed.
But when we choose an attitude of thankfulness and
choose to see things through the eyes of the Divine,
our spirits are lifted.
I am thankful that God promises to never leave nor forsake His children.
I am thankful that He is a good and gracious Father and delights in doing good for them.

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