Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daughter & Father - A Dialogue

Why do I bother?
"Because I told you to."

Does it even matter?
"It matters to Me."

Who really cares?
"I care."

I want people to care.
"Some do."

A few... I guess.

"Am I enough for you?"
Of course. Yes.
But you said to desire relationships.

I desire more.
"Treasure the few I have given you.
They will come."

It's hard.
"I will sustain you."

I'm tired.
"I know."

Shall I continue?

Will anyone read?

I wish I didn't care; that it didn't matter.
"What matters is that you obey."

I know.
That's why I continue.
"Then you do well.
Obedience is My heart's desire.
And as you fulfill the desires of My heart,
so will I fulfill yours."

I want only to desire what Your heart desires.
"And so it is.
You are an obedient daughter,
And that IS all that matters."

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