Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

The Hubby and I are celebrating our 21st Wedding Anniversary today.

What an adventure it has been!

Out of those 21 years, we had one year where we thought about "calling it quits".
Our seventh year was a rough one.

But God,  in His infinite goodness, reached out and knocked us into our senses!
That was a year of great learning and the beginning of truly surrendering to the Lord;
allowing Him to take the reigns of both our individual lives and the life that we had built together.

Today I can honestly say that I am truly thankful that we both decided to seek God and really listen to what it was that He wanted for our lives.

The fourteen years since then have been wonderful.
Even better than we could have imagined.

That's not to say that we haven't weathered storms or gone through trials.
We have had our fair share.
But we have been able to face them together and with the Lord.

Today, we praise God for His gift of Grace ~
for it is what has kept us together all these years.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Lysa!!! I'm sorry I'm late telling you that. Aren't you glad that you've had the Lord in your life guiding you and keeping you. He knows so much better than us. Marriage is extremely hard and not for the weak.

    God bless. Love and hugs...Tracy :)


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